Advice Please.. (Poultry Noob)


Jun 30, 2016
I wonder if anyone could give me some advice please?

I have just acquired 4 POL hens, three of which are laying good eggs now.

I went down to let them out and have a coop clean up (hot weather coming today) to be greeted by the scene below.

paper thin smashed shells in the poop tray.

They are on layers pellets and supplemented with oyster shell, greens, corn treats and scraps and anything they scratch out in the garden.

I am wondering if these eggs are from the 4th bird coming into lay?

Any help gratefully appreciated


It's highly possible that it's your 4th bird. Guess you will know if your other 3 lay normally today. If that's not the case then try cutting back on the treats.

Can anyone answer a question for me, I'm new to chickens this year,I have 4 Ameraucanas and 2 RIR roosters(5 months old), one rooster took over care of the ameraucanas so I bought the other rooster 2 hens a RIR hen(1 yr old) and a Jersey red hen(2yr old) of his own. They each had there own coop and are allowed to free range but recently the roosters started to fight so I rehomed one question is how do I get the flock to become 1 4 Ameraucanas are scared of the hens I just bought..
Put them together and let them work it out. Easter Eggers (which is what yours are unless you bought them from a breeder who breeds a specific color of Ameraucanas) are naturally more timid. RIR, and I'm assuming the Jersey Red tend to be more aggressive. If you can let them out to free range together, that will help. Otherwise, provide plenty of hiding places that are not dead end, and let them duke it out. As long as there is no blood shed, and as long as the 2 reds don't gang up together and pin one EE down to thrash her, it should be fine.
Fighting as rooster are very normal unless then have grown up together. Just keep the roosters separate. If you let the hens free range together you should be able to put them in the same coop right away. As far as the first hen afraid ,it is probably because of pecking order. There will be fights until pecking order is settled.
Skip Diver as far as the egg with soft shells it is more then likely just new hens working out the laying system. Unless it continues there is nothing to worry about.
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Both of the above are correct.

The roosters will fight, the chances of one getting hurt is slim. they would work out the pecking order and the fighting would end. Young roosters will fight more than older. BUT beings you got rid of them that is a moot question.

As Lazy says let the all the chickens free range with the each other. They will work out a pecking order. The remaining rooster will claim them, they will be under his protection. There will be some squabbles until the pecking order is set, but it will not last long or be dangerous 90% of the time or more.

And Welcome to Skippy.

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