Advice please? They want to hide inside coop.


Jul 10, 2009
North Carolina Sandhills
So, I should let them stay in the coop if they want and just provide food and water inside?
I'd make sure they had shelter and wind breaks outside and let them come and go as they please. But I personally would not move the food and water inside because I don't like the mess or the space it takes up.

But I would make sure that there is a wind baffle/shelter for the area where the feed and water is. :)

Don 27

Aug 13, 2019
Perhaps it was all the falling of fire-killed timber on our property last week? It was like a logging operation here for a few days. Strangers wielding chainsaws. Huge trees crashing down.
That's probably the reason ... hope you're ok, those fires put me into shock ..


Crossing the Road
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Feb 2, 2009
Southeast Louisiana
I always leave the pop door open and let the chickens decide what they want to do. I took this photo when it had warmed up to 4* Fahrenheit. The cold doesn't bother them. If a strong cold wind were blowing they'd be out of the wind, either in the coop or behind a wind break.


The first few times I mowed the grass the chickens panicked. They ran into the coop and stayed there, clearly afraid of the mower. But they soon learned that the mower blew bits of grass into the run. When they figured that out the sound of the mower attracted them. They'd crowd the fence to be first in line for the goodies. It did not take long for them to get over being afraid.

My guess is that that timber activity scared them, that's why they stay inside now, but it could be a hawk or predator that is scaring them. I'd leave the pop door open and let then decide.


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