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I bought 7 NHR's on yesterday that are around 3 months old, what's the next step? I have them in a nice coop building the house for it now, at what age will they start to lay and is there anything I need to do to encourage? May sound crazy but this is my first chickens
Congratulations on your new hens!

They should probably start laying for you at 5-6 months of age. It varies from hen to hen too.

You will need to supply them with oyster shell and layer feed when they start laying. Don't give them the layer feed beforehand because of the extra calcium in it.

Watch out for lice and mites (there is poultry dust you can treat them with at the feed store). Also if they get diarrhea you can check for worms. I am mentioning this since you are getting them when they are grown up a bit. It helps to watch for these things.

They need nestboxes when they start laying, and protection from predators when they sleep (and some keep them in pens during the day, some free range).

They need water and chicken ration (feed), also grit unless they are getting pebbles from the soil. Don't give too many treats (or you will decrease the protein in the total feed too much).

I hope this helps, and welcome to BYC!
Have fun with your new family !

Chickensaresweet always gives good advice
I may add make sure the coop is predator proof and they always have lots of fresh H2O, food and heat. @ 3 months they will either love you or hate you. Lots of human contact is good, as it will encourage them to come when you call later in life. Treats in the teenage years are good for that same reason, in moderation. My 8 week olds saw the sun for the first time ever today
Blame mother nature on that one... Soon I will be chasing them down to get them back in the coop


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