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    Dec 28, 2013
    Hi, I went out to my chickens Friday AM and noticed one of my chickens standing up but head hunched down. I brought her inside (after her running off a few times) gave her oil thinking crop impaction. She seemed so bright and alert and eating I put her back in with flock, but this morning same thing, she wants to eat, has a few mouthfuls then stands there head hunched in. Eyes are bright etc. what should I do?

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    There are so many things it could be, from a cancer or heart or liver problem to internal laying or eggbound. You could try a warm water soak and keeping in a darker, quiet place for a few days, along with some calcium, as for eggbound, or at least to find out for sure whether she is laying. This would also reveal any other obvious symptoms, as well. At least, her eating even a little gives some hope.

    Here's an informative thread about eggbound hens:

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