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    Hey everyone! I have 5 mixed breed hens. I am going to the local feed store this friday to pick up 5+ baby( 1 day year old chicks) Since we got our chickens when they were about 4 weeks, we have never had baby chickens. I don't know how to set up a incubator or any of that for them. Any advice? Thanks[​IMG] Also, what breed should I get? We are looking for hardy, friendly, good egg producers…..thanks! [​IMG]
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    The chicks will need a brooder. Incubators are for hatching egg in. Your brooder needs to have heat for the chicks, food and water always available too. There are many heat lamps for sale or heat plates which the chicks can get underneath. I have a Brinsea Eco glow heat plate it's safer than hot lamps and a lot more economical on electricity. You will need chick starter cumb/crumbles for them. Water should be in a chick safe waterer they can drown very easily. If they could drown in it you can put marbles in and they will drink between the marbles. Your brooder needs to be safe and secure and also so they can't fly out, they soon learn to escape!!

    The above link is the learning centre which has ideas for homemade brooders in the hatching and raising chicks section.
    I brood chicks in a guinea pig cage for the first couple of weeks in the house. They then move out into the garage with red heat lamp. Wishing you the very best of luck with the chicks and post some pics when you get them!
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