Advise for people who have family members who need to use a commode


9 Years
Dec 6, 2010
My mother came home from hospital on thursday, but due to the fact that she is unsteady on her feat at the moment she has to use a commode. The first time I emptied was horrible and it got me thinking we have three cats that use wood chip cat litter (can go down the loo in an emergancy) so I put a layer of cat litter on the bottom of the commode bucket and after she went to the loo it went straight down the loo with no problem no grossness (that made me throw up pathetic wasn't it?) and just as important no smell.
Sometimes you can add a bit of water in the bottom with something like pinesol..or other good smelling cleaner.. then when they go it isnt quite so bad..
I wouldn't recommend pouring cat litter down your toilet. It may collect in a lower lying pipe or even your septic, if you have one, and cause a blockage or other problems. I guess depending on what kind you use.

Try sucking on a mint or putting vics vapor rub under your nose or breath through your mouth (no scent glands in your mouth) that may help. (we use mints when field dressing deer, depending on the shot, it can stink really bad).

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