Afraid for my new baby chick!! Please advise!!!


9 Years
May 26, 2010
Yreka California
I am a new chick mommy and am learning so much about them but Im lost as to what to do about this…..
I have 2 four week old hens (a Dutch Leghorn and a Rhode Island Red). I recently, as of 2 days ago, brought home a 1 week old Barred Rock. They seemed to do alright together until yesterday when I noticed them pecking at her. I mean they were really bullying her. When the peck she will immediately hunker down and remain very very still until they go away. But then she’ll run back to them and try to get underneath them for comfort Im assuming. I am hoping that they just see her as the annoying little sister and once she gets bigger they will leave her alone. Has anyone had similar issues? What did you do to stop the bullying? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
I right now have week old chicks and month old chicks too. Yet I have them separated in different brooders. but I do let them kind of free range out of the brooders together they will pick at each other but the difference is I have more than one of each age so if one gets picked on the others kind of jump at the others. So they will get use to each other eventually just be patent. But I do like to bring home 2 at a time I find it easier for them to start getting along. They have pecking wars to pretty much establish who is alpha of the group.

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