After a REALLY long wait, I got chicks!!

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    We were looking to move to the country for 8 years. During that time I read, hung out on the internet and talked to oodles of people about anything FARM ANIMAL.

    Now we have a home on 5 rural acres and I have a small menagerie.

    2 Donkeys, Jasmine and Magnolia
    7 goslings, 6 African, 1 emden
    15 Muscovy ducklings
    24 chicks, 12 EE and 12 mutts
    3 dogs who have been around a few years: Cleo and Connor are Rotties,
    Poppy is a Pit Bull.
    I feel I have a nice start; hubby thinks we have enough [​IMG]Good thing he does not count noses [​IMG] I am totally new to rural life, but I feel like I finally came home. I will stay here till I turn up my toes.
    BYC has been a valuable resource to me. Thank all of you for sharing your experiences.
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    Thank you for joining the forum and welcome and good luck!

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