After illness hen back with the flock and they are all attacking her.

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  1. Finn has had a full recovery and is now back with the flock!!!! I slowly added her back( Thursday), so that they could see her in the other part of the coop and I even had the most docile hen with her the first night back in the coop. When I first put her back in everything was great. Yesterday I noticed some of the hens kept trying to peck her and this morning, I noticed she was being chased every where she turned by ALL 6 hens( they did this either in the pen or free range outside). I leave today for 10 days and am worried about her being bullied, pecked or killed. I bought some of those pin-less peepers and was wondering if it's safe to put them on the hens while I'm gone. I've never used them before, so I'm not sure if they can eat with them or see to eat. Has anyone used them and can give me some advice what to do?
    I can separate Finn from the flock if I had to while gone, but the rooster went nuts when I finally brought her back to the coop because he could see and hear her, but couldn't get to her and she was upset about being away from everyone. I have someone coming to to take care of them while I'm away, but she's never been around chickens before and of course, no one can take care of our pets better then us. Also, the first night I put her back in I had a hen sleep in the separate section , but I noticed the next night when they could all sleep together that no one slept near Finn. They were all over on the other side and she was alone. Broke my heart and I put the heatinf lamp in for her to keep warm.


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    it is so sad hens can be so cruel. I had a hen go broody and she hatched some chicks when she went back in they were awful to her. It does settle down eventually but you do need to make sure no blood is drawn as hen are attracted to the colour red and will peck at it. I bought some netex antipecking spray and sprayed my hen with this. It does smell and taste foul so make sure you do not get any on yourself. They soon left her alone then and very gradually she became one of the gang again. If it gets too bad I would take the ring leader out instead of the bullied hen, if you keep the bully out for the day hopefully the other hen will be more accepted and when you put the bully back it will have settled. Good luck
  3. I wish there was just one bully cause I would separate that hen, but every one of them are being mean to her. Finn is basically either walking around by herself or staying near the rooster. Her siblings and older hens are after her too. She's just not accepted right now and what makes me mad is when I first added her all was good , but everyday they were a little nastier and today my girl is just running every where to get away from them. After her just getting better, I worry about all that energy she's using trying to get away from her. I'm going to run to the farm store and see if I can get some of the spray you mentioned. Thank you for replying!!![​IMG]
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    I've used the pinless peepers, but I doubt they would be effective for this particular problem because you are not having picking issues, but rather integration issues. The birds will need to work this out for themselves. Finn is going to have to find her spot in the pecking order again. You are going to have to stay uninvolved as much as possible so they can work it out quicker. Since you are leaving, it is going to be difficult to monitor the progress of the re-integration, but if she stays in with the flock someone will need to monitor them to be sure Finn is being allowed access to resources and is not getting injured.

    Sorry. Good luck.

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