Aftermath of Prolapsed Cloaca, Worried my girl is Egg Bound, and Continued Constant Paranoia, Need A


5 Years
Dec 2, 2014
Hello! So this isn't about chickens but my call ducks who I guess are internally more or less the same.

So yesterday one of my girls laid a soft shelled egg. Which freaked me out, however I was told this can just happen sometimes. I wished I had taken her to the vet then.

This morning I walked out to bright blood all over the concrete, and sure enough she was bleeding from her vent and something has prolapsed. I wasn't sure how bad but took her straight to the avian vet (thank god she was working today)

Initially she thought there was nothing to be done but she pushed the prolapse back in, which she seemed surprised at it working. They xrayed her and thankfully there was no other egg in the process of forming so they went ahead with her. The vet has done three pearl sutures around her vent in an attempt to secure the cloaca, and given her a hormone implant into her breast that will stop her ovulating/laying altogether in order to keep complications happening again. Very costly it was but she's worth it. Keeping her quiet and in the dark (to try avoid another egg) and on an antibiotic (CT).

She did one big poop at the vets (before the sutures, it prolapsed a little again), but has not pooped since (5 hours). I am growing more and more concerned with this no poop thing, and am worried that the vet has gone a bit too far with the sutures and she cant actually poo from her vent. some dribble of clear stuff is coming out but no brown poo.

She is also not eating and barely drinking. I have been trying to get her to eat an egg and shell grit but she wont touch these either.

I'm at loss at what has caused this, the vet said it sometimes just happens as egg laying is a difficult job. Shes only a year old. They have free reign of the yard and eat everything, bugs, the veggie patch, and they are on a duck pellet, but I am beginning to question this and its protein levels.

I got two new ducklings which are now almost 6 weeks old. And feel terrible and am worried that they could have been the cause of the stress. My girls didn't seem to mind them but the ducklings have chased them around a bit.

Or my chickens currently bacterial infection potentially causing a problem for the ducks?

Now I am also concerned about my other girl being egg bound. I think she laid yesterday fine, but has been acting weird like the other one today, hiding under things, not eating, looking broody, I don't think she is pooing very much also. Unless this is me projecting my fear onto her.

I would be calling the vet but they are now closed until Monday, I live in a smallish city and i don't think the emergency hours vet is going to know very much about birds.

Now I will continue to pull my hair out. Thankyou for reading


5 Years
Aug 19, 2014
How much meat does she have on her? Keep her hydrated (with a tube if necessary) and she should be fine until Monday. If you think she can't get anything solid out of her rear end, stop trying to make her eat. Whatever you put in has to come out. Give the emergency vet a ring anyway -- they might be able to advise on prolapse stitches regardless of species.

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