Age old Question re automatic doors and need Fresh answers!

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  1. mswforu

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    Feb 18, 2017
    There are several long posts about automatic chicken doors. I'm really struggling with which to buy. Hard to tell what most people are buying. Not interested in home made ones!!!

    I'd like to get more of a tally of just two answers:

    1. If you have one- which brand
    2. Would you buy same brand again

    Answers appreciated!!!
  2. happybooker1

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    Oct 4, 2012
    North of Houston Texas
    It's been a few years since I had chickens & just now getting back into them. I don't remember what brand mine was but it was white plastic. I can look tonight if I can find it.

    I LOVED it. Wondered why I spent the first year with chickens w/out one. Their set up was a secure coop for sleeping or laying eggs in, with an open run about 20'x30' outside. I would ALWAYS be rushing home after work, or a dinner out, or ...... to be sure the coop door was shut, or hoping my kids remembered to do it.

    Once you learn how the mechanics work & how to set it, it's nearly foolproof. Mine NEVER failed during the 18 months I had it, but I guess there's always that one chance. I had a couple of problems with power outages and having to reset it but I understand you can prepare for those with a battery-type power source.

    It REALLY cut down on some of the worries about keeping chicks!
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  3. jennyf

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    Apr 24, 2016
    Brinsea Chicksafe Xtreme
    Yes! (Had one year)
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  4. Cindy in PA

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    Jul 8, 2008
    Fleetwood, PA
    Auto Door made by located in Lancaster PA I think. Bought from Fleming Outdoors. I bought the motor only in the advanced model. They sell a model with the door included also. They have a basic & advanced model. Mine is advanced & the difference between the two is that the advanced has a timer or GPS mode & you never had to reset the time for daylight etc. You set your coordinates & it adjust opening & closing time during the year. If you are using this mode, you can set it to open or close so many minutes before or after sunrise & sunset and it adjusts itself as the seasons change. It also has a second chance possibility. I chose this over the Brinsea, because this one runs on batteries & electric.

    I purchased this almost 2 years ago. Within 6 months I had a problem with it randomly getting stuck & having to be recalibrated off & on. Contacted the company & they sent a replacement. Fast forward to a month ago. The second one started doing the same thing. I thought maybe the problem was my wooden door. They said it was a problem with the sensitivity of the unit & sent another one. Seems they had slight problems & were continually making improvements. They took care of early buyers that had problems by sending out new units free of charge. I just had to send the unit back.

    Their customer service went above & beyond. This was really new when I ordered it, but I believe all problems have been fixed. The unit has the most features of any I have seen. I would buy again in a heartbeat. If you have questions before purchase, talk to the manufacturer & they will answer very quickly. Keep in mind they replaced my unit no questions asked even though my 1 year warranty had expired. Hope this helps.
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