Age to start giving whole grains and seeds as treats

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Apr 28, 2016
Conway, AR
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My chicks are currently four weeks old. They're on a starter/grower formula and get occassional treats. So far they tried meal worms (love) strawberries (love) arugula (favorite) and some other kitchen scraps in small amounts. They have a dish of chick grit in with them. I was wondering at what age to start introducing "tougher" treats, like black oil sunflower seeds or whole scratch grains? Thanks for any advice.
In very small amounts, anytime is fine, as long as they have grit available. If they were out with a broody hen, they'd already be eating all that stuff, and more. Just remember how tiny they are, and keep the extras less than 10% of their diet. Mary
I started my BRs on treats around 8 weeks, but only very small amounts. They LOVE wild bird seed, fruits & nuts (basically scratch with a few dried fruits & nuts included, in a smaller bag compared to scratch grains). At most, I give them 1/2 cup (for all five) once or twice a week. Don't want them too fat.
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