Aggresive chicken at 4.5 months


7 Years
Apr 8, 2012
Hi all,

My first flock has just matured to 4.5 months and dont seem to be laying yet. I m still trying to build the boxes but don't see eggs laying around....
I understand that the pecking order comes with maturity, and we do have one female who has always shown signs of being the most forward, but has lived peacefully within the flock til now... She is now attacking the other hens and seems like she wants to attack me. I'm curious if chickens can actually hurt an adult, or what is the best way to get her off me if she goes that far. I'm trying not to show any fear around her, but it makes me nervous that's she could peck me til injury or hold on. As well, the rooster has always been docile, and now seems agitated as well, and unfriendly, though less extreme than the hen. I have noticed the two if them going at it.
I think I'll try the separation trick for the hen?? Can I keep her in the coop but confined? Any other suggestions, especially concerning human safety ?

Tanks all. ;)
Put her in a separate cage for at least a few days, then re introduce her - often separating a bully will knock them down in the pecking order. If she comes after you, push her body and head firmly to the ground and hold her there until she stops struggling, then let her up.
I had some scrap 1/2 inch PVC pipe that I started taking into the run with me when I had to go in. I don't have hens that attack me, but I do get the occasional peck or two. Use it mostly to steer the hens away from where I'm working or to nudge them along. The PVC is lightweight and about an arms length long. I drilled a hole and used a zip tie to attach a cheap carabiner clip to one end so I can clip it to the chain link, with in easy reach of the run door. It works well and might be something you should consider.

Obviously im not condoning violence. You don't want to smack the chicken into the next township, but using it to check aggressive behavior by pushing her back, or steering her around the run in the directions that you choose to send her, can instill the idea that you are also high on the pecking order.


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