Aggression toward each other


6 Years
Mar 21, 2013
SW Virginia
I have 4 RIRs (gender still unknown), 3 SLW (2 pullets and one roo) that are 7 1/2 weeks old and have been in the coop for about 2 1/2 weeks. Last weekend, I bought an Easter Egger and a Buff Orpington pullets that are about 6 weeks old and somewhat smaller than the others. I penned off a section of the coop for them, but they are escape artists. Yesterday I found them outside the run grazing on compost and reinforced their pen. Today I was working in the garden and they appeared in run. A couple of the other chicks are picking on them, but not too seriously. They will run under the coop and duck their heads together under the corner of the coop leaving their little butts sticking up. Should I keep separating them so they can escape or just let things work out on its own?
It woud have been better to quarantine the new birds, but now that they have been exposed to the flock , I would let them work things out as long as blood is not being drawn, and they are being allowed to eat and drink.
When they cooped up last night, the roo had them cornered in a nesting box and wasn't letting them out. I repenned them with separate food and water. Guess I will have to do that at night at least, for a while yet. I am still amazed at how much size difference 1 1/2 weeks makes.

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