Aggressive Call duck.


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Nov 6, 2008
Southwestern PA
Scooter is about 5 weeks old. He/She is very loving towards me, but bullies the other duck and chickens. It will bite them for no reason at all. How can I get it to just chill?
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Sounds like it is showing dominance, I have no idea how you could change the attitude since she/he seems to love you..

Maybe someone else can help? I know nothing about call ducks

Best Of Luck

calls are very plucky...kinda like the toy breed dogs of the duck world, my adult drake calls sometimes even run my geese!, and my muscovy drake

they are real funny to watch, especially Harvey, Tut and Rajee, the three brothers who do EVERYTHING together LMAO
It is very funny to watch! But I feel bad I will be down there watching them and they will be playing side by side the Scooter will turn and bite CoCo the other duck or bite the nearest chicken. Scooter follows me everywhere and like nuzzles me when I pick him up. I am afraid when my peeps get bigger and I move them to the coop he is going to hurt them.
I wouldn't worry too much about him hurting the chickens...they can get away really fast...I hope he won't bully all of the other ducks though...It may just be a teenager thing he'll grow out of once the pecking order is set.
My drake "Courage the cowardly duck" will chase away my ACD pup if he gets near their swimming pool...yet if I bend over and shoosh him he runs away
They are only tough when they think they can win the battle

I wouldn't worry unless he actually pulls out lots of feathers or hurts the other ducks...he'll probably be more happy when there are more playmates around
He is only 6 weeks old. He doesn't pull feathers he just kind of nibbles them. They were doing better today since i let everyone outside. He made sure no one ventured to far away from the gang. I think he is the flock leader.
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