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Jul 17, 2015
hey everyone i recently got a second dove for the one who is paired with me because i thought that it was unfair for me as her "mate" to not be able to spend the time with her id like to due to school and other activities associated with school so i got him or her as company from the same breeder i got her from. i started off by putting her in the bathroom and releasing the new dove in as well and the first thing she did was puff up her feathers and make a strange noise ive never heard her make and she pecked at his face and then she became nonchalant and just stared at each other but i put them back in the cage to see how they'd respond and she almost instantly started wing slapping and pecking etc so i had to put the new dove in a smaller cage. shes still puffed up and glaring at him through the other cage, is there any hope of the two of them getting along or eventually "divorcing " me and pairing assuming they are of opposite gender ?

ralph a

May 31, 2015
wallace nova scotia canada
I would keep them in separate cages but close together . I would also let them have a little alone time in the bathroom . They should com down in a few days .Less time you spent with it now the better for them . Your first bird needs to learn that it a bird of a feather not a funny looking human . It also needs to learn to share your time with the new bird .


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Oct 24, 2009
Agree with Ralph a

Give them time... the new dove will be nervous in its new home and quiet.. and will be afraid of your existing dove.. espically if the new doves is a youngster.

Keep letting them fly around out of the cage together.. then they can have space to get away from each other. Once they get on outside the cage you can try housing them in the same cage.

Often adding a nest and nesting material will stimulate them into pairing up.

And, it does not really matter if they are opposite sexes.. they will just pair up with whatever is availiable usually.

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