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Aug 12, 2020
I recused two birds(one hen one roo) a few days ago. They have been in quarantine for treatment since they got home. The hen is a barred rock silkie and the roo is a leghorn silkie.

The hen is smallll/thin and the Roos is thin but within size range for them both being ten weeks old. They are both healing and acting like they feel better.

Here is the part that is confusing to me.... she has started to go after him. Full out grabbing of his neck and shaking. From what we can see he isn’t starting anything with her. I understand pecking order but this just seems different.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Picture is from right after we got them home.


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Jul 1, 2020
Small town in Washington
Can you make a separate rooster pen? A pen far away enough so that the roosters can't see the hens? As long as they can't see the hens, they wont fight with each other if they are all together.

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