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So after dealing with having five roosters and getting it down to one.. I have come across a problem.. He is a very sweet guy.. but to my father in law and my 2 yr old he jumps up and hits their back.. He doesn't do it to me or my 6 yr old or our dog.. or my husband.. Is there anyway I can correct this behavior.. It really scares my little girl.. He isn't much smaller than she is.. Also why would he do this to only these two people? He eats from my hand and seems pretty docile otherwise.. but I don't like him jumping on my little one..

Maybe he's protective of the ones that feed him? Fence in your yard, and put beware of Rooster signs up to deter thieves.
Well the coop is in the back yard.. as is the swingset and garden and the fort.. I guess I will just have to keep him in and schedule play time around chicken free range time.. I have a deal with my landlord.. that the chickens can pasture from 2-3 til dark.. but the girls go out back and play while I am making dinner (watching from the window).. Though it does sound like a good idea.. I just want to know why he is provoked to attack my (almost)2 yr old.. she cries and runs and screams bloody murder.. Is he intimidated by her size?? Today I took my shoe off and Shooed him away from her.. but he had already got a good couple kicks in.. and she was extremely upset. Can I "teach" him it is not ok?
I am offering only my opinion to consider and not advice....
I have a granddaughter who is the same age and, with her safety in mind, I am always on the watch with my roos as it sounds like you are too.
I would strongly consider a nice chicen dinner, or rehoming him. It is difficult for a little one to assert his/her self to the level to over alpha a roo. Sounds like he has identified her as either a threat or someone to be put in her place in his pecking order. Either way he could really hurt her and will likely seek her out to attack even if you try to keep him away.
The thread below has lots of dialogue and tips from members with far more experience than me on working with aggressive roos....good luck whatever you decide.
I would either keep him locked up when your little one is outside, or get rid of him. He could seriously hurt her. What if he decides to go for her face? Also, your daughter is going to develop a fear of all chickens, if she hasn't already.
Once a roo starts that with some, it's usually just a matter of time before he even tries it with you. Keep that roo away from the little one's because they are the easiest targets and he can do SERIOUS damage. He would do fine at freezer camp.
Thank you all for you words.. I have decided that for right now he is going to stay in the pen/run when she is out.. vice versa.. Right now I only have 4 hens and have learned that without a roo one of the hens takes the dominant role and stops laying. I talked with my husband and after we accumulate a few more hens.. The rooster will go to a different home.. Or he will be pressure cooked..

She was afraid a the chickens before because she would throw huckleberries in the run and they would peck her little worm size fingers.. She stopped and was getting better but now that the rooster is on the attack she is scared again.. I feel that if we remedy the problem now she will outgrow her fear..

Again thank you all!!

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