Agressive Behavior!?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by DuckyGurl, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I just got two white Calls that are still young to be companions for my White Campbell. Only, my White Campbell will snake her head at them if they comne within 6". Yet she wants to be with them, so follows them. It makes no sense, but if they are all in the kiddie pool together she will chase them around. They give a squeak then move out of range. It is very odd. They can get away from her if need be. Do you think I should separate them , into a cage within a cage for a few days? Please give me advice! She isn't pulling feathers, just snakes her head at them and they jump. [​IMG] So, any advice is appreciated!

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    How long have you had them? Takes some time for "old" ducks to adjust to new introductions. Took a couple of weeks of gradual introductions for my older ducks to quit chasing and pecking at the new ducks. I didn't put them together entirely until the new ducks had pretty much all their feathers, so they had more protection.
  3. I've had them for three days, and I started off putting them in a separate cage, but the Calls were rammnig the bars trying to get out and I thought they would hurt themselves. I have a cage in there that they can go in if need be and be protected from the White. And the littlest is 9wks and has almost all her feathers, the other has them all.
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    She's just showing them that she is boss. If no harm is being done to them, why not leave them togeher???

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