Ah, maybe we can't blame the heat all of the time~


10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
Western Colorado
My girls, too, have gone on strike. Thought for sure it was the heat and humidity (which is unusual for our area). So, gutted it up, told my customers wait a few weeks. Then this am, cleaned out the hen house. and went to get some bagged wood chips I have stored under an overturned water trough. Shock! More than two dozen eggs! The little devils had burrowed underneath it in the area between the trough and the fence where I couldn't see, and I hadn't overturned the trough in about two weeks. So, moral of the story: the heat is certainly a huge factor, but look for the less-obvious areas they could be laying. They are smarter - and more devious - that we think they are!
Well, I agree those little stinkers!
Yes, I gave them quite a tongue-lashing. Anybody have ideas for giving your girls "time outs?"
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LOL What little stinkers! I can't wait for my babies to start laying! My DH & I started building their nesting houses today & will hopefully have then done & in the hen house in a few days. <3 They should hopefully start in about 3-4 weeks!

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