Ahh.. I just got order confirmation. Chicks ar on the way!!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by K-9mom, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. K-9mom

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    Jul 5, 2011
    Well.. I had wanted to get either PR or Wy older pullets instead of starting with chicks but after a few weeks it always fell through when I had something going so I ordered chick pullets. Now i'm panicking because every time I read on caring for them it is different. Seems people have all kinds of ideas on how to care for them. I bought chick feed & got small waterer & feeders. I have a plastic dog crate I can use but I am torn between where to put the peepers and what kind of light to get. If I put them in my kennel room (basement) it is about 75+ degrees at most all times. Can I use a white light for warmth instead of a heat lamp (I hate them due to danger and electricity usage). My house would be too cool due to Air Conditioners running. The other option is the coop is finished and if kept semi closed it should stay warm enough for just a lamp (I think).

    What are everyone's opinions on lamps/heat if they were in constant 75+ degree room with little draft.

    Scared expected peep mom..........
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    Jul 2, 2011
    The recommended temp for day old chicks is 95 degrees. I would get a heat lamp. Our house is always at about 73-77 degrees and the chicks (1 week old now) are almost always on the lamp end of the brooder.

    I noticed the feed store uses white lights over their brooder, BUT they have 3 lights over the brooder. I'm pretty sure its because they have more chicks than the average Joe and want to keep them spaced out. 3 red lights would be hot!

    Congrats on your chicks and good luck!
  3. hcppam

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    yes I used 100 Watt bulb and made sure they had room to move away if it got to warm but that was when it was cold, so you might not have to have that large of a wattage and than changed the bulb down to 75, 45 just keep an eye on them.

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