Ahhh! Power went out.


Oct 27, 2015
We have 36 coturnix eggs in the incubator and last week the power went out. Thank goodness I was home. Quickly put a blanket over the incubator but temp dropped to 34 degree Celsius, so checked the weather, (hot day) and it was 38 outside so carefully moved the bator outside and checked temp a few minutes later and it had gone up to 40! Quickly brought it back inside and rang hubby who was on his way home from work. He rigged up a power convertor to a car battery to plug the bator into and harmony was restored. Temp fluctuations were for about 30 mins, maybe less, so would it have effected the eggs? Not too worried about the low temp, but worried the 40 degrees may have killed them. (all temps in Celsius sorry). Lockdown is tomorrow, so I guess we will find out soon.
Hopefully at the stage this happened all will be well! There are several people here that have had CRAZY things happen to their eggs! Everything from falling to completely cooling to stone cold at 18 days along and theirs are pipping! Fingers and toes crossed!

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