Ahhhh ripped off the Band-Aid and put them in the coop overnight


May 23, 2017
I put my little peepers in their coop this evening. They have spent the last week hanging out in their run during the day and having free access to the coop but spent the evenings in the brooder. I put a small flashlight in there with them and put a small water and feed dispenser in there with them. They seemed really upset for a bit but seemed to quiet down after a few. Here is to hoping the raccoons continue to stay out.
Mine went out last night, they are just going on 4 weeks, but are big stinky chicks, so out of the brooder and into a pen in the coop. The first night is always the hardest, on the chicks and the keeper.
Wow, anxious to hear how they do, as my chicks are just a bit younger than yours, I think. (Mine are 5 weeks this Wednesday). They've been going on one hour field trips only. If the weather warms up, I may set up a "baby coop" soon. Hope all goes well for yours tonight!
So far no raccoon visits. We have solar motion lights on all 4 sides of the run so we know when they are there. Some of my chickens are 6 weeks and a few are 3-4 weeks but since they are close we decided to put them all in at the same time. It is plenty warm this week so I have no concerns.

'The hard part was chasing them all down in the run to put them in the coop. They were not interested in going in on their own quite yet. They are familiar with it though. For a few days I have been opening the coop door and ramp and putting them in the coop through the nest box door and having them work they way out of the coop. A few have explored it or rested in there.
Raccoons visited but none got into the run or coop. It is very secure. The babies peeped for awhile but fell asleep on the roost and on their training roost. Wow roosting chickens poop a lot! All eleven were happy and healthy this morning. I opened the coop and they came out within a few minutes. Going out to get a stand up dust pan this morning for sweeping the coop out.

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