Ahhhhh! I've finally found my home!


Mar 18, 2018
Henry, Tennessee
Hey guys and girls! I'm so excited to find a group of people that loves exotic birds. I had quite a few breeder pairs about 15 years ago till a divorce caused me to sell them all. I miss them alot and want to get some more as soon as I'm able to comfortably afford them and their care. I can just walk into a birdhouse or aviary and be instantly at peace. People look at me like I'm nuts amongst all that squawking and chirping lol. Anybody else out there that feels this way too????
My aviary is my happy place too! Glad you've found us!:frow I hope you are able to get birds again soon. What's on your 'want' list?
African and Timneh Gray's, Mexican Redheaded Conures, Bluefronts,Yellowheads, Sun Conures, Green Cheeks, I had a some Maximillan Pionus before, they're nice quiet birds. Not flashy but nice birds. I'd like to have some of them too.

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