Ain't it purty?!


11 Years
Jun 24, 2008
West Virginia
This is our new coop. Not done yet. We need to put in roof vents - it gets full sun and gets really hot!! I am planting a tree to the left of it to shade it somewhat from the evening sun. I need to put a cover on the floor, install some roosts, and I really wanted a separate place to put the feed can. I hate it when they poop on the can!! So we also are cutting a chicken door in the back, and a chickenwire covered tunnel will lead to the run behind. the old barn was just too drafty and open. A racoon already grabbed one of my Araucanas. I am excited about the new house! If you have any input, please feel free. Hopefully my pictures will post! Darn, I can't get them to post. anyone???
Did that work?
Okay, if this works, I had to go to my uploads, and then copy and paste the image to this post. We'll see if it works. That is not the way the link told me to do it. HMMM...

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