Air sac problems pls help

lilstrick 25

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Apr 16, 2015
Franklin GA
Ok this is the 1st. time iv seen this. But one of my eggs at day 12 the air sac is on the side of the shell not the end however the chick seems to be growing fine but do i need to let it go or end it
There in a little giant still air we do not use the turner bc we tend to have better hatch rate and healthier chicks so we lay them on there side we open it 3i times a day more if we can. turning by hand last hatch 40rate eggs 2 early deaths. The temp is steady humidity steady. And lock down day 18
I really don't know how to handle that. Does it shift when you candle or stay in the same spot? If it shifts, I would try sitting it in a small cup upright, but if not, I'm not sure. You could search for threads about rolling air cells or abnormal air cells. Hopefully someone with knowledge will chime in. Also, being late evening on the east coast, if no one answers, try bumping your thread again tomorrow. Some people only look at "new posts" so bringing yours back to the top will get more views when more people are on. Good luck!

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