Alaskain fishing advice needed


10 Years
Feb 4, 2009
going to do a do it yourself salmon trip. Flying in to anchorage. My in laws are planning the trip and have friends that have done this before and know what to buy and what we will need. Thats fine except they aint telling me poop, and are not answering my questions.

So was seeing if anyone on here is from that area that I can pick there brian.

I lived in Anchorage for a little over a year and the best thing I can tell you is to take lots......lots of warm clothing and coats. Really good pair of gloves and make sure you have something that is water never know when your the one going in

ETA: Take a really good camera and come back and post all of those pics. Also, could you go to the Nothern Lights Mall, in Anchorage, and get a pic of the Moose and Bear there. I can't seem to find my pics of them....sure would love to have a copy.
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this is about a year off
Will def post pics. And i plan on bringing all my hunting clothes to wear. Shotgun for protection.

Mainly wondering what type rod and reel?

thanks for responding
If those in laws are getting to tough to deal with, I will gladly go in your place!!!
I used to have my commercial salmon licence here in CA but we trolled for salmon. You will need an ocean rod and reel. If you go into any sports store and tell them what you are doing, they will know what you need.

Now, if you will just stuff me in your suitcase we will get along just fine.
My hubby went fly fishing in the Alaskan wilderness a number of years back...I remember the stories about how thick the flying insects were on land. So, I say BUG SPRAY!
Depends on where you are and what you are fishing for. If it coastal salmon, that's a whole different ballgame then lake or river trout. My brother, an avid fly fisherman, fly fishes for Dolly Varden in coastal waters and trout in rivers, lakes and streams. My brother-in-law and sister don't bother with trout or dollies, they fish for salmon and halibut from their boat. I don't know what they use, because I haven't been out with them in a long time. If you love to fish, I would look into a variety of options, lake, river stream, and ocean. My brother, the catch and release king, has caught up to a hundred dollies in a day. He thinks they are fun to catch; me, I like to eat them!

Don't bother with a shotgun if you want it for protection. It wouldn't do more than tick off a brown bear, and that is the last thing you would want. If you intend to take a gun for protection, it should be a lot more serious than that. Most people I know dont' bother unless they are fishing someplace remote (fly-in fishing as opposed to drive or hike in)

Dolly Varden:

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