Albert eggstein the chicken of the coop

Jul 19, 2021
Montgomery county ny
So sad story if you dont like sad stories I wouldnt read ok ok
And even though I call it a he we found out later on it was a she
On november second we got some chick and the one that was a meal maker I bonded to with all my heart I think because he was so weak he hardly did anything he was just weak from the begining so I tried to make him stronger and watched him closely I loved him and he loved me but one day it seemed in a few hours he spiraled down he was having seziures he couldnt go anywhere at the time we didnt know what was happening we didnt want to hurt him more he wouldnt untuck his head and we were afraid he would be killed. By the other birds so we took him out for about 8 weeks figured out it was sezuires and fed him cheese and put vitamins in his water we finally got to the point where he only had about one sometimes none so we moved back into the coop but he couldnt roost because he would fall backwards so we put lights in so he felt more comfortable and then nobody else would roost so eventually after we saw no.signs of anymore seziures and the other chickens seemed to be caring for making sure he was alright he was doing good. Once again loving me and have fun not 100% but over 50% so nothing was expected unttil I came in one day and he was lethargic he wouldnt eat or drink so I took him out and put him in a brooder box I had on hand and when he just kept falling asleep Iwas terrified he was going to. Die so I tucked him in my coat and started pacing to try and keep him awake and let him know I loved him the next morning I put curtains on the nesting box gave him his own food and water and went to work when I got back he wasnt in the coop and then I.heard the equivalent of a chicken scream and when I walked out I saw him laying there dead😢😢😭 my baby was dead of supposed egg bound told you it was sad.

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