Albino silkie chick?

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kathie grey

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Oct 13, 2013
Hatched out an egg this morning. Was totally expecting a black or grey chick as hen is white, rooster is black....and 24 eggs later...we only got black or grey chicks (except for 1 splash chick). Found this little one....snow white and pink feet and beak! Her skin looks like it is pink too...not black. The eye does not look really red though...they might be 'normal'. She is super small and even in the egg...when we candled just looked very different. The air sac was huge and towards the end it looked like this baby was gone.

Can't find much info on albino silkies. Can an albino survive? She is, of course, my new favorite baby :)
Not all albinos have red eyes. Some have eyes that are a soft, bluish shade.

Albinism is not a death verdict for most animals, but if she is albino then she may be weaker than some of the others, and sensitive in bright lights. You might need to use a red brooder light, for instance, unless they are under a broody hen. Though I have never seen or handled a albino chicken, I have been around albinism in human children. Such children tend to get sunburns, have generally weaker vision, and need to wear sunglasses whenever they go outside, but are otherwise healthy.

The main problem with albinism in animals is that it tends to make then a target for predators (because they are bright white), and due to their weaker vision, they may not even notice until it's too late. She will probably be fine and healthy, but my point is watch her closely. I hope that helps.
Pigment holes are very common in Silkies. I'm guessing that 2 of your breeding birds are lacking one gene for dark skin (fibromelanosis). When two of them get together, you get chicks with the wrong colored skin, or holes somewhere on their body, feet, ect.
Thank you for the feedback. So far she is doing great! My main hatch is already a week old. She is from an egg one of my girls snuck into the nest!!! She has held her own pretty well on her first day of life. So happy to have her and pray she becomes a happy, healthy adult. I adore my very 'special' baby!
She's neat, post more photos when she gets a bit older please. I have a white Silkie that was greyish as a chick, not bright white like this until she was older. I have a Buff Silkie who hatched with pink toes and beak at two weeks her feet are grey now and her beak has changed colors as well. What color are her eyes? poor, sweet baby passed today. Never saw her eat...but did see her drink. Obviously there were bigger problems than just her pigmentation. She did have pink skin and eyes. She was a true albino. :(

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