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8 Years
May 21, 2011
Hey guys, I was just wondering if algae in a pond is good or bad for ducks. Do they eat it and if they do is it good or bad for them? I dont mean so much algae that they can walk on top the water because its so thick!
I just mean your average build up of algae. Thanks guys
I read somewhere that algae can be poisonous in some cases so I try and keep them away from it. I don't think it's much of a problem in a more natural setting like a proper pond or something, but over the summer it can really build up in my kiddie pools so I clean it off.

I'm sure someone else can pitch in with a more educated answer.
Its only a little bit, short of cleaning it every minute it does build up. But not like a sewer, more like a "natural" pond. Il keep it down to a minimum and see how they are in it first. Going to let them venture outside tomorrow, when the run is finished! I cant wait! Thanks for the replys guys!
The ones at the lake love eating all kinds of algae. It's their favorite vegetable. Sometimes, it gathers on the plastic floats at the boat dock and they eat if off of there. I don't know if that's good for them, though. So far, I've seen no sign of sickness.
Algae is EXCELLENT for them. It contains lots of the nutrients they need--it's like supergreens--vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll. Plus, it usually contains lots of little bugs and larvae, and they'll get protein and niacin from that.

I had not heard of algae that is toxic but I suspect it's like any kind of living creature--there are toxic versions and non-toxic versions. Given space, clean water, and plentiful food options, most creatures will not choose to eat toxic versions of things, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. If they are consuming it eagerly, it's unlikely that it's dangerous for them (exceptions, of course, for man-made dangers like antifreeze, which is both poisonous and apparently quite yummy--but I suspect you're not dumping antifreeze in your ponds so you're okay lol).
Mine love algae and duckweed. I intentionally grow duckweed in my ponds to feed to the ducks. The algae just comes with it and I give them that too. The only thing i worry about is string algae because it is so long. I cut that up before I give it to them.
Ducks OK, but don't let your dogs get near it. I cleaned some out last year and left it to dry on the ground. Next thing I know one of my dogs decided it looked like a nice snack. Next day he was on an IV at the vets.
String algae can be extremely toxic to mammals.
Aw im sorry to hear your dog got ill, I hope he is ok now! Yeah they will have a fresh supply of drinking water and loads of food, so if they eat it I guess it cant do them any harm. Thank you for all your advice and comments guys! Your all a great help! PS. I LOVE MY DUCKIES SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!
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