All bird competition JUST FOR FUN and bragging rights

Tayten B

5 Years
Dec 18, 2014
Birds must be a pet,aviary, and no wild birds and birds being raised to be butchered
unlimited entries
class entry
one bird may be entered more than once in different categories (ex. my pheasants once in Ringneck/ mutations/ and once in open class pheasants)
back story or cool fact
other member on BYC will vote 5 pt per class with birds owners screen name, and votes given participantes my vote but not for any of their birds
Contest winners will be announced when monthly if enough entries or at the end of the year if few.
Thanks much good luck!!!!!


ornamental breed pheasants
ring neck/ mutations
open class pheasants
Bobwhite quail/mutations
Cortnix/ button quail
Gambel's/cail. valley/ mearns/ other quail
Domestic species of ducks
Wild species/exotic species ducks
swans (All)
Gesse domestic
geese wild
open class pigeon
pure breeds pigeons
Doves (any)
Chickens open class
smallest adult chickens
biggest adult chickens
Crosses chickens
pure breed chickens
Heritage breeds
Cross breeds turkeys
heritage breed turkeys
Cockatiels,budgies,parrots,and songbirds
Best looking ( emus,rheas,and ostrich)
best aviary design
Broody hen award ( most eggs hatched in one clutch, most successful nest in one year)Any birds)
biggest aviary /or coop
Best breeders ( any species one winner per species)
longest tail feather( peafowl,pheasant, any bird with long tail feather picture with feather along a tape measure inches side)
oldest pedigree( bird and family tree)
rare colors ( albino, ect.,ect.,)
Guinness best looking gaggle
peafowl best tail
best color

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