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    here is a thread where you can post pictures and share them, but of all breeds. i have one target, african. chickens. i will tell you some history about them. but you can post ictures iof anybreed, anyone you own.

    african koekoek:
    The Potchefstroom Koekoekchickens have been bred locally from the Black Australorp (an Australian breed) and the White Leghorn (or “Livorno”, an Italian breed laying white eggs) from the 1960′s to be more suitable to the Southern African environment. a picture of it's rooster:

    Ovambo (originating from the north of Namibia) which is a feisty breed. They are more aggressive than other breeds in that they can stand their ground against mongoose and are able to catch and kill rats and mice. They roost in trees and it’s a good idea to put their nests up high (even though it will be more work for you) as they have been known to nest in owl boxes. They are also darker in colour which may help in camouflage against raptors. picture:

    Vendaare more localised to South Africa, their colouring is more speckled with black and white being dominant colours. Their combs are bright rose-red and they are also known to have five toes. These burly chickens are bred mostly for egg-laying. picture:

    Mike Bosch runs Boschveld Farm where he is host to the indigenousBoschveldchicken crossed from Matabele, Ovambo and Venda breeds. In his interview with Louise van der Merwe (the South African Representative for Compassion in World Farming), Mike describes his farming practises and interestingly how he started with these chickens, “Well, it all started about 10 years ago when the price of dip went up and I decided to try and replace dip to a large extent by breeding a chicken that would eat the ticks off my cattle at the water points. I experimented and eventually came up with the Boschveld Chicken which is an all-African indigenous cross-breed. The Boschveld Chicken has reduced the need for dipping from 26 times a year to 14 and because of this, there are fewer chemicals in the environment. I now have noticed that ox-peckers have returned to the farm too.“ You can find out more about his truly free-range chickens at

    here is some details on south Africa's native chicken breeds above.
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    i got some koekoeks, boschveld, and the other two i dont have, though i think i got a cross of vend and ovambo . i will share the pics in a while.
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    doesnt anyone jave chickens??!! :hmm

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