All hens stopped laying


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Jul 8, 2012
North Dakota
All my hens were laying great until a fox attack killed 1 hen and my only roo. After that, they have been locked in the coop (along with my geese and ducks) All the hens (ducks and chickens) have been slowing down their laying until yesterday, where they stopped. I have nesting boxes and square bale laying areas. The square bale areas are 2 square bales on the ground 2 feet away from each other and 1 bale on top of that. I have laying areas, but they all have stopped. The ducks don't even care if they have an area, they just drop them wherever, whenever. Could they be retaliating because they're locked in the coop?

Island Roo

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Feb 14, 2012
Duncan, BC
Stress affects laying - stress from predator, being locked, changes to flock members, etc.

Could be something has been stealing eggs.


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Jun 28, 2011
Tipperary, Ireland
I agree with Island Roo. Their flock dynamics shifted when they lost the rooster and the hen to the attack and then their free range time stopped (and with that their routine). Chickens hate change of any kind and it can throw them off laying for awhile. If they witnessed the fox attack or was aware of the predator it will have added to the stress.


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May 11, 2012
I know mine are not hiding eggs. They have good ventilation. I wormed them 10 days ago with Wazine and 3 days ago with Ivermectin !%.In case of bugs that I'm not seeing, or worms. I have about 16 hens. I was getting up to 13 per day this past fall/winter. Now 4 went broody but I got them out last week. I got down to 2 eggs a day and now, yesterday and today 5 eggs. I have been giving them scrambled omelets and more table scrapes lately. They are on layer pellets and they do get enough to eat. Should I be patient or is their something else I can do? Some may be molting, I find a lot of feathers in the coop. But molting this time of year? There hasn't been any trauma in the coop.
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