All in Texas or close to....

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May 30, 2007
Im praying for you, stay safe. All of you in texas and or close
and under tornado warning please stay safe im praying for you
Thanks for thinking of us!

We are right at the edge of one of the watches, but don't know if we are in the path of the other one yet. We are watching weather pretty close.

Thanks, I really didn't know there was a tornado warning out there, but I'm in San Antonio. But it is very windy, but mild. It will probably just rain where I'm at.:thun
I have never had to deal with them, but it scares
the crud out of me when I hear were under warning
mostly because alot of the time im alone.

But even with someone im scared to death we had the worst
storm last year it rained like the dickens for a half an hour then stoped
then got windy, knocked a couple trees the siron went off, which was
a false alarm (gives me a heart attack for god sakes) and they tell me its
a false alarm

Im just way to used to smooth warm/ rainy/ cold weather never very miled
Thanks FancyFeathers. We're on the edge of the storm and tornado watch, but the weather people are saying that the National Weather Service will probably extend the watches to us.
I hope that everything turns out alright! Thanks again FancyFeathers. Stay safe out there everyone!
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I'll be in FW this coming wknd, so hopefully everyone/thing will be ok. It looks like it will rain here this evening, but I haven't watched the news/weather as me & the oldest kiddo have been crazy sick.
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