all my duck eggs hatched(no postoffice involved)


Oct 4, 2008
i posted earlier that i have a trio of pekin ducks. i set 15 eggs. 2 were clears at first candle. the rest had nice veining. they started peeping yesterday. this morning i had five hatched. when i got home from a long family outing, all had hatched but one the little guy was shrink wrapped and couldln't get out. i peeled the shell back and left him in the bottom half of the shell and put him in with the others. the others climbed all over him and pulled the shell away from him along with his umbillical cord which then pulled off. the duckling bled for a minute and then stoped. but he is alittle bloody were the cord attached. we will see if he makes it . this is my first 100% or near 100% hatch. i guess i have my bator dialed in right.

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