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Apr 24, 2016
Got a nice warning after several months from the police department that I can't have "exotic animals." Going to try to fight it because I don't think my domestic ducks are exotic but I have 2 males (a saxony and a khaki Campbell) and a 7 females ( 3 pekins, khaki cambell, blue Swedish, blue runner, buff.) live in the greenwood Indiana area just south of Indianapolis. Willing to meet for someone to keep them as pets. If anyone can help please comment or message me. I checked my town ordinances and they didn't have any for ducks or waterfowl just specifically mentions chickens and then exotic animals. If anyone has any ways to fight it also I'd love to keep them. Sorry if this makes no sense very upset right now. Just got the notice on my door I have 14 days to rehome them
I would fight it not sure how it would work. We got an exemption from our zoning due to my wife's allergy to chicken eggs. Get as many examples of ducks being pets as you can to use in defence of keeping them.
There's a lady down the street that has had 2 pekins for years and I haven't seen them in a while. Idk if she moved them or they got her too but I'm going to ask why now when she's had ducks in her front yard for years is it a big deal. Our cops around here are all great except one ******* and guess who was snooping around my garage last night and left the warning. Yep him. He even shined his light at my house to see if anyone was awake before going in so I'm going to bring that up to. He had no reason to be in there. We've literally never been fined or ticketed for anything. I've had one speeding ticket like 8 years ago my husband not even that. So him snooping in my garage makes me really mad too especially since it's behind my house on an access road by a cornfield. Not just casually in front beside my house you can see it from the main road.
May be a new neighbor or one became upset. One of our neighbors has called the township on us 4 times so far. Ranging from some minor repairs I have done to saying our goose attacked and bite his daughter. We have American Buff geese a 4 foot high no-climb goat fence around them. Not saying it is not the cop being a **** because most of us know there is some of them out there.
I don't know if this kind of thing is any help in your case, but my family keeps ducks legally despite most people we live by not being allowed to. we also can keep a larger chicken flock than one of our newer neighbors can too. this is because we're grandfathered in since the property has been in my family since my grandparents owned it back when the area was still zoned as farmland and was being used to farm. (they got the property cheap just shortly before the area started slowly shifting from rural to suburban.) it's the same reason why a house half a mile away from where I live (closer to the city proper than us even) keeps horses legally despite laws saying you have to live further north in a more rural area to keep horses on your property. if you're in a similar situation it may help you find a way to keep them.
I'm going to go ahead an rehome 3 of my ducks. 2 females and one male. My 2 khakis and one female Pekin and try to keep the rest. I'm going to a town council meeting tomorrow night. The head council person happens to be my high school softball coach and my mom is friends with someone else on the board. I'm just going to try to tell them how they are my pets and they come inside and have diapers and my kids love them. It's better then the people that have 4 dogs barking and chained outside and bark constantly all the time. I already talked to the council man and he said the ordinance was more for roosters and since I back up to a cornfield and access road they might be able to let me keep some. Guess we will see tomorrow. I'm going to the end of the meeting to the open speak part. I'm just really upset about the thought of having to get rid of them. They're my babies.
I called the police station to gather info for the meeting tomorrow and nobody put in a complaint. The officer found it himself and called it in. Considering they were back on an access road with no drive by traffic next to a cornfield in a dark garage in their pen for the night I'm not sure how he just happened upon them. I guess it doesn't matter now. I know I won't be able to keep all 9 but I feel like I have a decent shot at keeping some of them. Also he reported I had geese with my ducks, which I don't own. Just a very large saxony drake. Obviously had no idea what he was looking at
I was hoping it was a complaint Officers like that are not helping the image of police. For him to go looking for minor thing to harass a citizen gives all Police a black eye. Sorry you have person like that. Who got a badge!!!!

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