All of a sudden - my hens have a variety of new noises...


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Apr 7, 2011
I have 4 hens (BR, EE, SS, and Australorpe). The EE started laying last Tuesday - 10 days ago. We've had 9 pretty little green eggs so far. The BR has been having a fit today, ba-gokkk-ing and carrying on - all day. She keeps running in and out of the coop. Sitting in the nest box, out of the box, in the box... out. LOL! The SS is 3 weeks younger, so no new behavior there, and the Australorpe thinks she's a roo - she keeps climbing on the BR's back (I read here that there's a word for that).

.... but really... the new noises they make! Haha!
The (normally quiet) EE, "Sandy"... I could swear she sounds like a tropical rainforest bird high up in a canopy of trees. THAT is her "I'm proud I layed an egg" song! She's sadly mistaking Colorado for Costa Rica, I suppose.
That - along with the BR making non-stop noise today ("Stella" - she's my loud one anyway, but normally NOTHING like today). I've heard squaks, squeeks, honks, quaks (the SS quaks - seriously), tropical rainforest calls, and a few chicken clucks and cackles. I'm starting to wonder if my birds think they're lost. I live in a very populated suburb... kind of wondering if my neighbors might come knocking on my door
. (yes we can have up to 4 hens, no roos, and I have legal approval for all of them

Crazy girls!

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