All of a sudden very smelly poo (like cat urine smelly), could it be a change in diet?


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May 10, 2016
All of a sudden our Amber Dash (10 weeks) has awful smelling poops. They are normal looking according to the poo chart. But the scent is overwhelming - ammonia, cat urine like smell. Her poo up to this point hasn't really had much of a scent. I have noticed an increase in water intake and we have had a few hot days. But we have had other hot days without smelly poops.

We did give her a little tuna 4 days ago and initially I thought that was the yucky smell. Because up to this point the poop hasn't had much of a scent which is good because she is an indoor chicken. About 4 days ago we started making her eat more of her crumble instead of what she really likes - cracked corn, grains and hard boiled egg. She gets sand as grit (not play sand, but the kind that has different sizes).

The amount of poo has increased as well. And if you pick up the poop of the carpet or hardwood floor and there is no mark left behind the yucky scent of ammonia is left behind.

Help. Is this normal for chickens? It hasn't been for Amber Dash.
It's probably the change of diet. It's not normal for chickens, but not surprising considering the change of diet.
Thank you for your quick reply. Going to go buy new chicken feed that isn't so processed. This stuff is nasty.

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