ALL SOLD & off to happy homes, thank you! 12 Splash Breda & 18 Black & Blue Breda day old chicks $5


8 Years
Apr 10, 2011
I have 12 Splash Breda and 18 Blue & Black Breda for sale immediately.
They are all 12 hr. to 18 hr. old at this time.
I am hoping to do a quick transaction and get these beauties out to you ASAP
while they are still within the 24 hour timeframe.
Most of their parents are from Greenfire Farms with a couple of the parents being
from a gentleman who purchased all his chickens from Greenfire Farms as well.
Buyer pays for shipping and chickens.
I have everything needed to ship them tomorrow.
It's my last hatch of the season and my other adult Bredas sold well on this and other sites.
Thank you.

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