Almost 6 wkold White Leghorn - roo or pullet?


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What do you think? All hatched 5 1/2 weeks ago and will be 6 weeks old this Saturday.

I have 4 that look like this with reddish/dark pink wattles and large combs - I thought I caught one of them trying to crow today

and one that looks like this one facing the camera with light short comb and no obvious wattles - but I thought I heard this one trying to crow yesterday.

So I'm confused - can I tell if they're pullets or roos at this stage or do I have to wait longer for the crowing to commence. And when do WLs start egg laying?
The two in the first picture are 100% roosters. In the second picture, the one closest to the camera looks like a pullet. I can't see the one in the very back well enough to say, but the other two are roosters.

White Leghorns usually start laying at 16-19 weeks old.
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