Almost got hit while going through crosswalk


Dec 29, 2017
Battle Ground, WA
Since it's so nice outside, I had decided to go for a walk into town. Apparently not everyone is as cheery as me..

After getting a White Zombie Latte from Dutch Bros, I decided to walk over to McDonald's for some lunch(I know that junk food isn't that great for lunch). I got to the crosswalk at the main light in town and waited until it said I could go.
After it changed and I was almost across, some idiot tried to run me over. I was smart enough to jump out of the way as quickly as I could manage. He then decided yelled at me that I shouldn't be out in the road.. I quickly checked to make sure I was still on the crosswalk.. yeah I still was so I told him I was using the crosswalk.
He decided to try and hit me again but luckily there was a cop nearby because the lights started flashing and the idiot drove off to get away.
I was surprised but a few people had pulled over and gotten out to see if I was okay. And even though being surrounded by a huge crowd of strangers makes me have a panic attack, I was more focused on making sure I was okay myself.

I'm quite lucky that I was paying attention while using the crosswalk because I might have been killed if I hadn't been keeping my eyes open in case any cars came through.
I'm very thankful that cop was there because I'm not sure my weak self could fend off that man if he decided to do anything but I guess since we were at the main light in town, he wouldn't try anything with so many witnesses around.

I'm currently snuggled up with my cat Nyx.