almost three day old chick cant walk.lays on back....PLEASE HELP.!!!

chicks n roses

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Jul 13, 2016
As for the cause, I'm pretty sure its the LG incubators low temp fluctuations.this is my last olive egged chick to hatch on late Monday night .the lol guys taking a small amount if water ((with a pinch of crumblesdissol in it.but won't eat or drink on it's own.I can't spend to much time with him and honestly can't separate him always he's usually found chirping loudly on his back. His legs are under him not splayed out too bad but one foot has pretty curled toes.I really don't have time to pamper him but don't wAnt to cull him yet without giving him a chance.if he won't eat on his own should I stop trying/ exercising his legs. Syringing liquids that he doesn't want.and all that.pleasedont think I'm awful I just need an opinion. Also I did shoes and hobbled he just scrambles to get up and ends up on his back. Thanks.

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