Almost to day 22 and NOTHING

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by bardies, Mar 4, 2013.

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    Jan 16, 2012
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    Candling showed great promise at day 18 for 11 of the 14 eggs, and one of the questionables was alive (just less developed). I am using a hovabator that had an auto turner. I also used the 'dry incubation method'. My temps have possibly run on the low side measuring 99 to 100 (no fan). I know that I had about 5 hours of 95 degree temps during the first portion of lockdown (that turner had produced some heat!). Also, my humidity dipped to 50% during day 19 for about 7 hours or so. I did open up the bator to add alot more humidity makers and got it up to 65+ quickly without messing up the temperature for too long (was only down to 98 for about 45 minutes). For all of day 20 and so far through 21, we've been at 100/101 and 63% humidity.

    Is it possible that I have managed to kill all of the eggs? Or is there any chance that ALL of them are just slow?

    I recognize that two bators would fix alot of my issues in the switch to lockdown. I am looking at some second incubators to use for lockdown. Do any of you have experience with the 60 egg clear top green bottom octagonal incubators?
    Thanks for any words of advice!
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    If your temps ran slightly low and/or you had a few cool spells, it could delay your hatch. Some eggs don't hatch for as long as 23 days, so hang in a little longer before you get too worried - and Good Luck

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