Alright, I've bred my EE roo...


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Apr 13, 2009
East Syracuse
who has supposedly hatched from a blue egg. Does this mean he carries the blue egg gene? Also, I've bred him to my brown egg layers, will I get olive egg layers in return or even a green or blue colored egg? I'm curious about this-I'll admit I wasn't even thinking about this possibility when I put the eggs in the bator, I just wanted the experience. Then I realized, hey wait a minute-you might get olive eggers! So.......any answers would be appreciated! Thanks-Trish
It really depends on how blue he is - From my knowledge, no EE has a completely, strictly blue egg/egg gene. There's some sort of brown gene in there, making it some sort of aqua-green type color. Now, with this said - I believe your offspring should lay dark green or olive colored eggs, depending on the "brown" of the hen's egg laid. I'm also incubating some eggs from an EE roo X brown egg layer, but I have absolutely no guarantee on what genes the EE rooster carries. For all I know, it is just brown. . .

Oh, and with genetics - It goes :

green X brown = brown layer or green layer
blue-green X brown = green layer
blue X brown = greenish blue layer
blue / green X dark brown = rich olive layer

Now when I say green it could be an olive tint too - I believe it depends on how much brown the blue-gene carrier has, and how dark of brown the other has. (example, dark egg layers offer the best Olive Eggers because of their rich dark red in th egg)
There's a really good "official olive eggers thread" on here. This spring I will be using my welsummer rooster with the easter eggers (the ones who lay blue/greens) to try to have olive eggs. Are your hens the dark brown egg breeds? That is crucial. If your rooster is a true ameraucana, he might have a better chance of carrying the blue egg gene. Easter egger chickens have a lot more genetic diversity and he might carry the brown egg gene instead. Either way, I say go for it!
Thanks guys, I really appreciate all the info-will be copying and pasting that chart Illia!!
This is all so exciting to me, I just put my first hatch into lockdown yesterday and if all goes well, I'll find out what color eggs come from who by fall. Woohooo!!
Good luck.
Your best bet is to get some good dark egg layers though, if you want Olive Eggers.
Right now I have EE mixes in the bator just to see what extra odd colors I get. I know that if you mix the most washed out, pale blue to dark brown - You can have an odd wet stone sort of color.
Last spring I let a RIR hatch some eggs. The only roo I had, at that time, was a beautiful EE. I put 3 brown eggs and 3 pretty blue eggs under the hen. Only the blue ones hatched so the chicks were "purebred" EE's
. Anyway, 2 of the chicks were pullets and one was a cockerel. Those 2 EE chicks are now laying a nice looking olive/darkish-green egg. I assume that it is from them because my older EE hens all laid either a blue egg or a crappy green. As a side note, the roo that came out of that hatch is the most handsome fella I've ever seen and has a non aggressive personality just like his Dad.

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