Alright...sucky pics, but guess for me please...


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
so...what do you think we are? Our Mommy knows that we are 2months and 1 day old (at least according to the info she got when she picked us up ) and that we are 'americanas' (that's what the sign in the yard said, Mom calls us EE's though). Yes, the real camera has up and disappeared, so these are the pics off of the cell phone - quality, poor - but tack a stab at it and guess roo or no roo. All grades are based purely on participation, not if you end up right or wrong


In this photo look at the big white one and the big brown on in the middle, not the 2 little hams...I mean bantams...they are always stealing the scene!

What you can't see in this photo is how the brown one is running around with a yogurt mouth - that's what the white one is trying to figure out how to steal I think...what you think on the all white one? Oh, and that big tail, so belongs to a different bird - one more ham trying to get in the shot!


Any thoughts ya'll? Just wondering - it's so hard for me to tell with these guys? (I use the term 'guys loosely, could be gals...)

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