Alright... who did it? I want to know!


10 Years
Mar 29, 2009
Russell County
So today I get a call about how there is a package for me...
Someone had sent me FREE bubble wrap through the mail...
I'm actually hugging it right now... O.O

I was surprised!
FREE BUBBLE WRAP (they cost an ARM and a LEG AND I have to drive approximately 30-60 miles to get to the closest Walmart... - I'm already missing my hand
It's not a HUGE amount, but it's not too small an amount either... it was just soooooo thoughtful!

My first thought was someone sent me free bubble wrap, because they KNOW how much I LOVE wrapping and shipping eggs...
And then I got all excited, happy and just felt all warm and tingly inside. Someone THOUGHT of me <3 I guess me spending all that money on packaging really helped out - someone must have been happy with their eggs and shipped me bubble wrap to say thanks? And I guess I'm right, treat your customers HOW YOU want to be treated

Alright, so which one of your suckers sent me this?

If you sent it, PLEASE PM me!!! and THANKS so freakin' much!!! I'm so excited! The people who purchased eggs this week will be spoiled.
Except Heidi
she only wants 30. Can you believe that? ONLY 30!!!

I still have no idea who got/sent me this.....??????? O_O Maybe its just a promotional deal because I keep buying the stuff and the bubble wrap company was like "WOw, this girl is insane, send her some free BW"

Anyways, thanks thanks thanks thanks THANKS!!!

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