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    My red star (sex link) has been laying since Nov. 09 and has always produce supper giant large eggs. They look like duck eggs really. I feel so sorry for her because about 5 times a week she gets egg bound. She is my favorite and most friendly of them all. I've given them olive oil in the feed, yogurt and every remedy I've found posted here. I think the problem is that her eggs are so large and the shell is rough and blotchy.
    I don't want to loose her is there anyone here that has had this problem? [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    You can't change the size of egg a hen lays. These hens that are bred for production and large eggs are most at risk of dying of eggbound or other reproductive disorders. All you can do is keep her happy and watch for days that she may need your help. I've heard black oil sunflower seeds are also a good reproductive treat. Best wishes.

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