Am I a Roo?


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9 Years
Aug 10, 2010
This chicken was sold to me 3 weeks ago as a 14 week old pullet. She is taller than my 6 month ladies, flighty, and just weird. I have a feeling he/she is a very young rooster. She is supposed to be an EE/BR mix. She does have some odd brown feathers in a few places. Its hard to get a photo because she runs from me upon sight!

What do y'all think?


Sweet, a $15 dollar Roo! Now to find a home... I am in the city and can't have a roo.

Thanks for the replies!
Yep. Roo all the way and those saddle feathers would have been shorter but still noticeable 3 weeks ago. That sucks that someone took you like that. I'd call and ask either return the bird and get my money back or get an exchange for a hen.
I agree 100 percent! It seems like there have been a lot of posts lately where people have been passing off roos as hens to unexperienced hobbiest. I hope more of you will go back to these people and give them what for!

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