Am I a rooster or a hen? And what breed?


6 Years
Aug 26, 2013
We bought this one from a friend and was told it was an already laying Black Astrolorp hen....but I'm really starting to second guess because we have had it for almost a month and no eggs...and this morning it was crowing like a rooster. I am new to having chickens so I'm very confused.
From the tail he looks like a rooster, could be a Black Australorp, but need better pictures, and what color are the bottoms of his feet.
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I'd say that you have a rooster, judging by the tail feathers and large comb. Are the bottoms of its feet white or yellow? If white, you have an Australorp or a Black Orpington, if yellow, he's a Jersey Giant or a Java.
Here are a couple more pics I just went out and took using the regular camera instead of my phone. I was trying to see the bottom of the feet...they look white to me, but it ran through the garden and got dirt all over them haha

Definitely a rooster--I see pointed saddle, tail, and hackle feathers, the comb is large, and, or course, he's crowing. If he has white bottoms of feet then he's an Australorp.
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