Am I a weenie for being afraid of my own rooster? Help please.

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    we have had our rounds with an aggressive RR roo and we had to go in the coop with a freaking brom just to make sure he didn't try anything. soon he was in the freezer, and the next roo took over, and everything changed. he is so calm with us, but is still a very good protecter of the flock. but he doesn't even really pay me any attention. but if I get near him and he doesn't move out of the way, I will give him a quick kick, or scare him some how, to let him know to get out of my way, and not be near me. that has worked so far. he isn't nearly as confrontational as my other roos were. it is such a relief.

    if you don't start showing you are the boss (like your mom must do) then he will never think you are above him in the "pecking order" and will continue to terrorize you. you may have to endure a few pecks, but they will stop. if he doesn't "get it" then off to the freezer. when I cooked the other roo, it almost felt like revenge, because he went after my 6 yr old one time. I had the last bite though.

    good luck!
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    Gritsar has a post on her rooster attitude management practices. I do not know how you would do a search. Maybe gritsar/rooster? Or Pm her ask her where the post is. It used to be in her bottom lines, what ever they are called. (Where I have my fire ant rant. down below bottom of this post.)

    My Australorp is coming into his ...endocrinological prime... and I am not as comfortable around him as I was. He has decided that my husband is alpha roo and he isn't that happy being fourth in line so my son and I are not taking our eyes off of him. I really hope he stays a good roo. I thought they were gentle breeds, but I guess it is like people- personalities are not made, but born with.
    He is wonderful with the hens. I just don't like the idea that he thinks I am one.
    I challenge his behavior and walk after him.
    ...and I do not trust him. Those spurs are no longer innocuous little nubs.
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    Here is gritsar's rooster page:

    It is also important when you have a rooster to walk through him. He yields to you, never do you yield to him. It only took twice for my rooster to be knocked off a hen, he didn't like it at all, but he doesn't mate in front of me anymore.
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    My rir roo was running at me till I showed him who's boss. What I did was got a old broom handle and chased him around the pen with it and gave him a tap with it every now an then. Make him run from you
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    It's no fun being chicken of a chicken. [​IMG] Get rid of him and get a nice one. Roos are enjoyable if you have a nice one.
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    I've not had any problems before but my way of thinking for most of my animals is that you have to show them who's boss. Not just you, but the whole family. I would try my best to hold that roo and restrain him many times a day. If he pecks then hang him upside down by the legs for just a bit. Make sure you do all this in front of all the other hens. Let everyone know who the boss is. Animals know when you are afraid. If you can't quelch that feeling then you probably should get a new roo because it most likely will not work out for you.
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    Ok, can't say I recommend this -- but it worked [​IMG]

    We had a nasty roo that kept chasing my small son around - I kept telling Hubby, who kept saying the child must be picking on him, etc. Got so son didn't go outside without a stick. Well, one afternoon Hubby and son were both outside and the roo flew up and tried to spur the boy. Hubby was some distance away, picked up a good size stick and gave it a hurl to scare the roo.

    Guess he was a better airm than he thought, as he knocked the roo out cold [​IMG] Kids came running in the house saying "Dad killed the nasty rooster!", so I asked if he slit his throat so we could eat him. They didn't think so. I headed outside in time to see hubby propping roo up against a tree - deep purple comb and all. But he was breathing.

    Took him about an hour to collect himself, then he ran in the hen house and didn't come out for 3 days [​IMG] NEVER had another problem with that roo.

    Guess that follows in the make sure they know who's the boss thing, but perhaps a bit drastic [​IMG]
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    I agree you should recycle that roo and get a nice one. But until you arrive at a decision try an umbrella. OPen it in his face and he will be long gone. You can even find clear umbrellas (tho they probably aren't scary enough), so you can see how he is reacting. Don't open it all the way just mostly so you can open and close as often as it takes to drive him away from you. Show him you are the boss with powerful mojo. Also works pretty well on cats and small dogs. I wouldn't tempt fate trying with a big, angry dog.
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    I had a nasty roo that was tormenting my kids. Their ages 14,11,7,&3. I did everything I could to reform him. Even had the girls show dominance over him. Finally posted him on CL and informed the new owner of his reputation at the house. She said if she couldn't fix him she'd eat him. He was my first roo and the favorite on the farm until he became an adult. I've since talked to her and she says so far so good. But it's only her that he has to contend with. My advice to you is to get a new rooster. Sometimes they can't be changed, and really it is his job to "protect" his girls. There are people out there that would take him off your hands. After my nasty roo left the whole yard changed. I have 2 cochin roo's right now that are great. One I never see as he is a loner and even the hens pick on him and the other is on the deck every morning thinking he is one of the dogs. I love my boys, they have given me beautiful babies this year and hours of entertainment. It's ok to be afraid, but you shouldn't have to be. That takes away from the whole experience of chickens if you cant even enjoy them. Here's a pic of my Bruno and my youngest. They are sharing a treat with the cat and dog too.
    My roos are pets, Bruno will come and sit on my lap and let me pet him. That's what you need. [​IMG]
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    No, you are not a "weenie" a rooster can inflict serious damage if you are unable to prove your dominance. Why chance it? Chickens are supposed to be fun not stressors. If you are not up to proving who is boss, just get rid of him. If you need a rooster get a mild mannered "Clark Kent" type. "Superman" is not needed.

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